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Elvan Şahin

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Gazi University
M.S., Nuclear Engineering, Virginia Tech

Elvan received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Gazi University, Ankara in 2017. As an undergraduate student, he has studied on Modelling and Dynamic Analysis of Tracked Vehicle Suspension System on Sinusoidal Way in his final year. He also worked as a Computer Lab Assistant to provide instruction to all lab users on the proper use of all equipment.

Elvan joined HEATS Lab in August 2019 to pursue his MS in Nuclear Engineering at Virginia Tech under the supervision of Dr. Juliana Pacheco Duarte. He is working on a U.S. Department of Energy-funded collaborative project to identify needed fire input data to reduce modeling uncertainty. Additional research interests include Probabilistic Risk Analysis of FLEX Equipment.

Outside the lab, Elvan is a sports activity such as soccer and ping pong enthusiast. He also enjoys cooking and history-motivated traveling.